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by Mats Holmström last modified Nov 11, 2005 08:58 AM

“SPICE” comes from Spacecraft, Planet, Instrument, C-matrix, and Events. This system also includes a collection of software collectively known as the SPICE Toolkit. The principle component of the SPICE Toolkit is a subroutine library. A SPICE customer typically includes a few modules from this library in her/his own application program to access ancillary data from one or more SPICE data files (also known as SPICE “kernels”) and to then compute derived geometric quantities of interest such as latitude and longitude, altitude, and lighting angles. The SPICE Toolkit is available for most popular computing environments, and comes ready-built, well tested, and highly documented. The SPICE library is available in ANSI FORTRAN 77 (SPICELIB), ANSI C (CSPICE) and as interfaces for Interactive Data Language (Icy).

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