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by Leif Kalla last modified Mar 15, 2006 10:22 AM

1) this version is SPICE enabled. Take a look under spice subdirectory how to enable SPICE support for time conversions. (option is -S, but you have to compile modules... be prepared to install swig)<br> 2) New algorithm for fixing NPD TOF science time tags. It's better, in fact. <br> 3) A new option:<br> -r, --repair Fix some known correctable erros in data stream. These fixes includeNPD TOF mode science time tags and HK packet monitor values from ADC1and the 9th bit overflow in HK packets.<br> Where's the beef:<br> * by using -D option for sfdu(Z) or any other file you get essentially same results than -C produces.<br> * by using -D and -r options results are same than above but some errors are fixed in resulting file.<br> * by using -D, -r and -z RICE decompression is also removed in resulting file. Note, that you are not limited to .sfdu(Z) files, for example new .mtm files are supported <br>

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