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1) metafile support. Pls, refer to and metafile.example.mtm <br> 2) automatic correction NPD TOF science time tags (in interpret mode -i) <br> This fix can be applied in other tools by using packet.getScienceTime() method (at least in case of npd tof packets) to retrieve science time tag. <br> 3) local plugin directory. User (or locally made) plugins can be installed to <br> $HOME/.pkttool/plugin without using pkttool distribution directories.<br> 4) -q (--quiet) silent operation. <br> 5) -D ( --dump-file) to dump file contents (possibly filtered or processed) to specified file. With -q this can be used, for example, to to exactly same stuff than -C option does for .sfdu(Z) files.... <br> 6) Bug fixes <br>

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