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by admin last modified Jun 14, 2005 11:08 AM

Pkttool-1.105.tgz <br> 1) Queries are fixed, there was a lot of broken stuff around. <br> 2) 'example' plugin is a lot more functional nowadays. <br> 3) -X 32 -B switches are tried automatically to files matching *.bin.* more on this in documentation --help and in codes <br> 4) -S spice compability mode. This is useful, if grabbing info for spice system. In fact, only effect so far is to show raw times (-t) in spice compatible format (sclk string, ie. soething like 1/47878734.53224) <br> 5) -G deprecated. It can't be used, but the code is not removed, so that it can be restored, if needed.<br> 6) conf environment variable contains some extra info (version and command line paramters)

— tar archive (gzip-compressed), 59Kb

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